February 2010

[JBC] Kinesin’s Two-Water System

ATP Hydrolysis in Eg5 Kinesin Involves a Catalytic Two-water Mechanism

Courtney L. Parke, Edward J. Wojcik, Sunyoung Kim and David K. Worthylake 

J. Biol. Chem., published online Dec. 15, 2009 


[JBC] TGR: Two Isoforms Are Better than One

CUG Start Codon Generates Thioredoxin/Glutathione Reductase Isoforms in Mouse Testes

Maxim V. Gerashchenko, Dan Su and Vadim N. Gladyshev 

J. Biol. Chem., published online Dec. 14, 2009 


[JLR] Chlorine Keeps It Clean

Chlorinated Lipid Species in Activated Human Neutrophils: Lipid Metabolites of 2-Chlorohexadecanal  

Dhanalakshmi S. Anbukumar, Laurie P. Shornick, Carolyn J. Albert, Melissa M. Steward, Raphael A. Zoeller, William L. Neumann and David A. Ford 

J. Lipid Res., published online Dec. 17, 2009

[MCP] Cluster Analysis

Identification of Targeted Analyte Clusters for Studies of Schizophrenia

Tammy M. K. Cheng, Yu-En Lu, Paul C. Guest, Hassan Rahmoune, Laura W. Harris, Lan Wang, Dan Ma, Victoria Stelzhammer, Yagnesh Umrania, Matt T. Wayland, Pietro Lió and Sabine Bahn

Mol. Cell. Proteomics, published online Dec. 10, 2009

ASBMB Looks to Grow Special Symposia


In the coming year, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology plans to continue to expand its special symposia program, which offers scientists at all career levels the opportunity to attend a specialized meeting on a cutting-edge topic in biochemistry and molecular biology.


Get Engaged at the Annual Meeting


As part of its annual meeting, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will host the 14th Annual Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition. Volunteering as a judge is a great way to actively engage in the annual meeting and support the growth of young scientists.


Looking Ahead…


The ASBMB Lipid Division has come a long way since our inauguration in April of last year.  As we move into 2010, I’d like to summarize what we’ve accomplished in the past year.


National Lab Day: Get Involved


On Nov. 23, President Obama announced the establishment of National Lab Day, a grassroots initiative designed to reinvigorate science and math education in the nation’s schools and after-school programs and to lead to increased U.S. competitiveness in science.


Note to Self: If I Network, the Jobs Will Come

Networking is a numbers game: Connecting professionally with more people increases your likelihood of landing a job.

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