February 2013

On deck chairs and lifeboats

Jeremy Berg does a bit of quantitative analysis to better understand the effects of the National Institutes of Health's policy of not allowing second amendments, commonly known as the "no A2 policy." Using about 400 competing-renewal R01 grants funded in fiscal 2006, Berg examined subsequent productivity as a function of the percentile scores given to the applications.


‘How Scientists Can Save the World’

ASBMB's public affairs director, Benjamin Corb, writes about maintaining a positive, persevering attitude in the face of political and financial challenges and how that will come alive at ASBMB’s public affairs symposium at Experimental Biology 2013 in April in Boston.


Member update

Five decades after the discovery of cytochrome P-450, Tsuneo Omura, professor emeritus at Kyushu University, was honored for his contributions at a symposium and ceremony in Fukuoka, Japan. Read about this and more in this month's Member Update.


Undergraduate events in Boston

Put on your itinerary these fun activities, informative sessions, social events and, of course, opportunities for free food.


One small step for the future

Bruce Baum and Frederick Ognibene tell of the history and current goals of the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program, training health professional students across the spectrum from basic discovery to epidemiology and back.


Robert J. Cotter (1943—2012)

We look back on the career of long-time Johns Hopkins professor Robert Cotter, who died on Jan. 21.

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