August 2012

Epigenetic state and fatty-acid synthesis connect

Science writer Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay reports on a published Journal of Biological Chemistry “Paper of the Week” that explores the competition inside cells for a key metabolite and acetyl group donor.


The heartbreak of psoriasis: It’s more than merely skin deep

Journal of Lipid Research Managing Editor Mary L. Change reports on an article and commentary in the August issue that warn of the greater dangers of psoriasis.


Morphine at the molecular level

Science writer Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay reports on a recent paper in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics that looks at the potential immunosuppressive effects of morphine.


Friends and lipids

In a recent "Reflections" article in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Michael S. Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein of the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas talk about 46 years of friendship and science together.


Good outcomes

Johns Hopkins University’s Jon Lorsch discusses the need to expand science mentors’ views of what good outcomes of graduate education might be.



In this month's "Lipid News" column, three Japanese researchers write about the importance of galactoglycerolipids forthe prosperity of some seed plants.


Advancing women of color in academia

Marion Sewer of the University of California, San Diego, explores mentoring efforts for women of color in the sciences, writing, in part, "Although all women in academia are challenged with maintaining a balance between career and family, women of color ... face additional demands that make advancement up the academic ladder even more arduous."


Rise and shine for science

For nine years, the University of Missouri has offered Saturday Morning Science as part of its community outreach. ASBMB Today contributor Melody Kroll, a regular attendee, interviews the program’s co-organizers and traces its path to its current-day success.


Exposing students to various career options early in graduate training

Carolyn Machamer, director of the Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program at Johns Hopkins University, describes the planning that went into and the outcomes from a spring series of career exploration workshops for students.

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