May 2012

2012 ASBMB undergrad poster contest winners

More than 220 undergraduate students, along with their faculty advisers, participated in the16th annual ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition on April 21 in San Diego. The posters were judged by 120 volunteers. Find out who the winners were.


ASBMB annual meeting blogging and more

Lots of attendees at Experimental Biology 2012 blogged, tweeted and pinned photos and information about the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology events and sessions. Here are some of the highlights.


ASBMB annual meeting coverage

Couldn't make it to the ASBMB annual meeting? See some of what you missed here.


Complementary skills: an introduction

In the coming months, ASBMB Today contributor Aruni S. Arachchige Don will report on a variety of skills that young scientists should acquire to advance their careers— both inside and outside of the lab. Read her introductory column this month, and look for her forthcoming discussions about important skills, such as communication, leadership, management, professionalism, research conduct and professional and social networking. She’ll offer insights from professional communicators, leadership and ethics specialists, and those who make a living using social media to advance causes and careers.


Kaiser withdraws as next head of NIGMS

Massachusetts Institute of Technology cell biologist Chris Kaiser, who was to tapped to take over the leadership of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, withdrew from the job in late April.


Photo slideshow: ASBMB tattoo shop

It would be an understatement to say that the ASBMB booth at Experimental Biology 2012 was a hit. Attendees young and old got a real kick out of the temporary tattoos distributed at the portable parlor. See a photo slideshow of who got inked here.


Transcript of tweets from the ASBMB session on science communication

Read the tweets spurred by the ASBMB session on communicating science at Experimental Biology 2012. “Effectively Communicating Your Science” featured Nobel laureate Paul Berg, National Public Radio science correspondent Joe Palca, science communicator Megan J. Palmer and Huffington Post science correspondent Cara Santa Maria. Moderated by ASBMB President-elect Jeremy Berg, the panel discussed how to communicate with the press and the public.


Video: 2012 ASBMB Hill Day interviews

Nineteen young ASBMB members took to Capitol Hill in late March to advocate for adequate and sustained federal funding for biomedical research. Learn more about some of the participants and their reasons for attending Hill Day by watching these videos.


Video: 2012 ASBMB Hill Day overview

Earlier this spring, Hill Day was a multichannel, multimedia affair, and we have videos to prove it. Hear from the 2012 cohort in this brief video produced by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.


Video: interview with Anee McCabe

Hear what 2012 ASBMB Hill Day participant Anee McCabe had to say about the experience.


Video: interview with Christine LeRoy

Hear what 2012 ASBMB Hill Day participant Christine LeRoy had to say about the experience.


Video: interview with Valerie O'Shea

Hear what 2012 ASBMB Hill Day participant Valerie O'Shea had to say about the experience.

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