April 2012

Earl and Thressa Stadtman Scholar Award

David Sabatini, associate professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, won the society’s inaugural Earl and Thressa Stadtman Scholar Award.


Evolution and molecular Lego

In times of tight research funding, it may be more important than ever to encourage scientists to organize and attend combination workshop-conferences. A great way to initiate valuable collaborations is to bring people together and provide them with lots of time to interact with one another and to learn what others are thinking about.


Hill Day 2012

On March 27, 19 students and postdocs joined the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Public Affairs Advisory Committee in Washington, D.C., to meet with more than 60 congressional offices and advocate for basic research funding and biomedical-related legislation.


Member update

Don't forget to notify us of your latest awards and activities. Email asbmbtoday@asbmb.org.


Recommendations for engaging basic scientists in translational research

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology released a report last month describing how research institutions, funding organizations, professional societies and scientific publishers can facilitate the participation of basic scientists in translational research.


Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award

Lovell Jones, a professor at both the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Houston, won the society’s Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award.


Tabor/JBC Lectureship Award

Stuart Kornfeld, professor of medicine in the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, won the society’s Herbert Tabor/Journal of Biological Chemistry Lectureship.


The Capitol Hill cohort

Nineteen young ASBMB members, along with a handful of Public Affairs Advisory Committee members and the main office's policy staffers, took to Capitol Hill in late March to advocate for adequate and sustained federal funding for biomedical research. Here are


William C. Rose Award

Susan Marqusee, professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, won the society’s William C. Rose Award.

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