March 2012

Meet Steven P. Briggs

The University of California, San Diego, professor joined the ranks of the Molecular & Cellular Proteomics' associate editors last year. His research has a two-pronged approach: One focuses on the innate immune system of plants, while the other delves into mass spectrometry technology so that researchers can see directly protein dynamics and interactions on a large scale.


Meet Jerry Hart

He doesn’t break a sweat juggling his duties as an associate editor for both the Journal of Biological Chemistryand Molecular & Cellular Proteomics -- all while leading a department at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Meet Paul E. Fraser

In 2011, the University of Toronto professor became an associate editor for the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Before that, he served as an editorial board member for more than eight years. An expert in neurodegenerative diseases, Fraser focuses on the biochemistry and biophysics of amyloid plaques and their connections to Alzheimer’s disease.

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