December 2011

2011 ASBMB graduation survey results

Curious to see the make-up of all those students awarded undergraduate degrees in biochemistry or molecular biology? The ASBMB graduate survey committee has collected the responses of graduating students. One finding: the representation of minority groups continues to increase. See for yourself.


Bernard Axelrod, longtime Purdue professor (1914 - 2011)

“Barney” Axelrod, a former chair of the biochemistry department at Purdue University, worked on the metabolism of glucose and confirmed the pentose phosphate shunt. He also developed methods of isolating intact mitochondria.


Biochem and molecular biology blogs in brief

ASBMB Today contributor Aditi Das helps find the signals among the noise in the BMB blogosphere. This month, she reviews The Biochemistry Questions Site.



Content Test

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Gifts for geeks

We have compiled a list of geeky gifts that have caught our eye this holiday season. Avail yourself of fun gifts that recipients will really appreciate, in most cases…. From tongue-in-cheek to cheeky to chic-y, our selections will let the recipient know you really care.



New JBC sites

Check out JBC’s new affinity sites and editorial board site.


NIH taps Chris Kaiser as new NIGMS director

Chris A. Kaiser will become the director of NIGMS in spring 2012. He will replace Judith H. Greenberg, who has served as the acting director since July 2011.



Oh, how we love odes!

It's not too late to submit your entry for the Experimental Biology 2012 poetry contest sponsored by ASBMB.


Research Spotlight

Young, energetic and highly intelligent, Dr. Gloria Thomas balances teaching, research and mentoring with owning her own photography business.  She is a member of the ASBMB Minority Affairs Committee and PI of the NSF Chemistry Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Leadership Group. Thomas is dedicated to broadening participation of underrepresented ethnic groups in STEM.


Take your best shot!

Send your best travel photos to ASBMB Today for publishing in the journal and online.  Exceptional shots will be considered for the cover!


Thousands of expression plasmids and many empty vectors available

There are tens of thousands of cloning or expression vectors and other plasmids that may be obtained through the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository.


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