November 2011

‘Enzyme Purification Blues’

Stephen W. Ragsdale of the University of Michigan Medical School asks "How long do I have to wait?" in his tongue-in-cheek song “Enzyme Purification Blues.” Have a listen.


An interview with Chuck Hancock

Chuck Hancock served as ASBMB's chief executive at Beaumont House for more than 20 years. Here he shares his reflections on the campus and his career there.


An interview with Ed Marklin

Ed Marklin, ASBMB's information technology go-to, started working at ASBMB in 1995. Here he talks about the challenges of converting the old mansion into an office space.


An interview with Jeanne Gladfelter

Jeanne Gladfelter started at ASBMB in December 1988. She originally was hired for a temporary position but came on full time just a few months later. She’s been here ever since.


An interview with Joan Cuthbert

The Journal of Biological Chemistry's Joan Cuthbert talks about working in the old mansion's playroom -- and cutting up (and dressing up) with colleagues from time to time.


An interview with Muriel 'Mickey' Korn

Muriel "Mickey" Korn worked full time at ASBMB for 17 years and then worked part time for an additional 16 years. Here she reflects on shared recipes and calorie-burning walks around campus.


An interview with Ned Maher

Ned Maher, a member of ASBMB's accounting team, says he never expected to work at Beaumont House for so long, but he's sure glad he did.


Biochemistry and molecular biology blogs

ASBMB Today contributor Aditi Das is on the hunt for blogs that might be of use in the classroom and lab and will share her recommendations with readers in the coming months. In her first post, Das reviews “A Blog around the Clock” by Bora Zivkovic, a science blogging pioneer who today runs Scientific American’s blogging network.


Interview with Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon started working at Beaumont House in December 1972. Over the past three decades, she has risen through the ranks to executive director. Here, she shares her thoughts on leaving the place where that success was fostered.


Longtime Beaumont House staffers reflect on good times spent at their old stomping grounds

They say family makes a house a home. But what can be said for a house converted into a workplace? In a series of interviews with longtime ASBMB employees it was revealed that, in fact, quite a bit can be said! Read our online-only Q&As with ASBMB veterans Jeanne Gladfelter, Joan Cuthbert, Ed Marklin, Ned Maher and Barbara Gordon and former staffers Muriel “Mickey” Korn and Chuck Hancock.

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