November 2011

A letter to the entering class

ASBMB President Suzanne Pfeffer writes to the latest batch of graduate students in labs across the globe.


Advocacy resources at your fingertips

Your entry into the world of science advocacy is made even easier through a recent website redesign. Avail yourself of the latest in science policy, and get involved in the process. It’s better to be involved than to be ignored!


Calling all creative types!

We welcome your submissions for our Experimental Biology 2012 poetry contest and our forthcoming photo series.


Member update

Several ASBMB members are recognized for their accomplishments and rewarded with National Institutes of Health awards.


Members make case for science on Capitol Hill

ASBMB members give voice to the importance of scientific research -- and the money needed to pay for it -- in Washington, D.C., meetings with representatives from the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, which allocates funding for the National Institutes of Health.


NIH news

Visit our website regularly to get updates on the latest happenings at the National Institutes of Health and other relevant federal agencies. Here are highlights of the online coverage we’re offering this month.


Translational-center plans move forward

Funding the auspicious National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences may materialize as soon as 2012 … if the fiscal bill providing National Institutes of Health funding comes through.

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