October 2011

A most hazardous journey

The four annual meeting sessions in the “Protein Synthesis, Targeting and Quality-Control” theme will detail cutting-edge methods and discoveries.


Chewing the fat

Several areas of research into lipids and lipid signaling have experienced rapid growth in recent years, and the 2012 annual meeting sessions will highlight some of the most exciting new developments in lipid biology.


DNA replication, recombination and repair

The four sessions will focus on homology-directed repair of DNA damage, the interplay between replication and other fundamental cellular processes, and the special challenges associated with the maintenance and protection of chromosome ends.


Metabolism re-emerges, triumphant

The symposium on metabolism and disease will focus on the role of metabolism in the context of signaling pathways, cancer, aging and the whole organism.


Overview: See you in San Diego!

Please join us April 21 – 25 in San Diego for the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, part of the Experimental Biology meeting. A wide range of scientists – from undergraduates to established senior investigators – will explore the breadth and depth of biochemistry and molecular biology through an exciting and comprehensive program.


The many modes of gene regulation

 The meeting session on gene regulation will showcase the wide array of approaches, including structural biology, genetics, genomics and proteomics.


The seven wonders of the RNA world

The thematic group “RNA: from Catalysis to Regulation” will explore the surface of the RNA world in four parts.

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