September 2011

Electrophilic fatty acids: redox-derived signaling mediators

Recent advances from a variety of laboratories reveal that free radical-induced lipid oxidation products can mediate potent anti-inflammatory and beneficial metabolic reactions.


JLR: New cardiovascular-disease risk marker?

Pernette R.W. de Sauvage Nolting and colleagues investigate whether a statin can change blood bilirubin levels in people with familial hypercholesterolemia, a genetic disorder characterized by high levels of cholesterol, especially LDL.


New at JBC: 'Capsules' and editorial board site

Last month, the Journal of Biological Chemistry rolled out a new feature called "Capsules." It also launched a new editorial board website that highlights the board’s breadth of expertise and its newly formed affinity groups.


Q&A with KiTani Parker Johnson

‘Life will happen and sometimes present unforeseen challenges’ KiTani Parker Johnson, an assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy at Xavier University of Louisiana, was featured recently on the ASBMB website. In her Q&A with ASBMB’s education and professional development


Undergraduate BMB programs

An enthusiastic young undergraduate is leading a group of high school students and their parents on a tour of Generic State University. As they walk across the quadrangle, the undergraduate confidently points out building after building as his audience inquires: Where is the psychology department located? Is that the biology building? Where's English? Where's biology? Where's engineering? Where is the department of molecular biology? "I don't think we have one," the undergraduate replies.


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