August 2011

The toxic professor syndrome

Academic biomedical research is experiencing many existential problems as relative funding dries up. This already is resulting in serious consequences for the very fabric of American biomedical investigation.


Angel investment from the masses


A new type of funding agency taps everyday donors to fund pilot science projects.


Why pursue a Ph.D. in the biosciences?

Part 1: Dealing with economic misconceptions and aligning expectations with career realities.


Anne-Claude Gingras: probing phosphatase complexes

Using the power of proteomics, Gingras is providing new insights into phosphatase activity, regulation and interaction.


The Singapore ArtScience Museum: a modern marvel of science, technology and art


New museum bridges art and science.


David Goodsell: The master of mol art

Spectacular drawings by David Goodsell showcase scientific knowledge and creativity.

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