June 2011

Alternative energy nation?


Congress is considering legislation to promote and develop laboratory-based biofuel production. 


Engaging basic scientists in translational research

Washington UpdateBY JENNIFER A. HOBIN  

FASEB holds a symposium to explore ways to facilitate and encourage the participation of basic scientists in translational research.


Member Update

Member SpotlightASBMB members in the news this month include Mina Bissell, Elaine Fuchs, Shinya Yamanaka, Gerard Karsenty, Harry Schachter and Jeremiah Silbert. Several ASBMB members also were elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Quentin H. Gibson (1918—2011)

Quentin H. Gibson, who is best known for his pioneering work on the kinetics of ligand binding to hemoglobins and the development of stopped flow and flash photolysis instruments, passed away on March 16, 2011 in Hanover, N.H., at the age of 92.


Roy Vagelos: forging links between academia and industry

President's MessageBY SUZANNE PFEFFER

This month I write to honor Dr. Roy Vagelos, a long-term member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology who helped us create the ASBMB Earl and Thressa Stadtman Distinguished Scientist Award after Earl Stadtman died in 2008.


Why the drop-out? A junior faculty perspective

Letters to the EditorDidem Vardar-Ulu looks asks why the number of women scientists dwindle as they go up the scientific ranks. 

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