April 2011

An interview with Jason Sello

Minority AffairsJason Sello is a tenure-track, assistant professor of chemistry at Brown University. In this online-only interview, he talks about some of the challenges he's faced in his scientific development.


Annual meeting scientific workshops

MeetingsHave you always wanted to explore research concepts outside your own field but never had the time? ASBMB is pleased to offer two research-based workshops at the 2011 annual meeting.


ASBMB undergraduate travel award winners

EducationThe American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology would like to congratulate the 2011 Undergraduate Travel Award Winners.


Beyond the bench: social media in science

Social media is more than just reconnecting with old friends on Facebook.


Biology: a promising career

Career InsightsBY MARINA PAZIN 

For the second consecutive year, biologist has been ranked as one of the top ten best jobs in the United States.


Getting the skinny on DGAT


Diglyceride acyltransferase, known to lipidologists as DGAT, gets a lot of attention in the April issue of the Journal of Lipid Research, where it’s the focus of an article by researchers at Columbia University and AstraZeneca and a related commentary.


Helping scientists stay in science

An interview with BenchFly.com founder Alan Marnett.


Overcoming obesity: the broader perspective shaping individual choice

Minority AffairsBY JOSE R. FERNANDEZ

Annual meeting symposium will look at treatment, prevention and complications of obesity.


Reading the scientific literature: a step-by-step process


An online only reprint of an article from Enzymatic discussing the use of Journal of Biological Chemistry article figures as a teaching aid.


Short reviews, long-term impacts: nuclear receptors and molecular heart beats


In 2010, the journal published nine thematic minireview series. Just a few short months into 2011, the JBC associate editors already have an equal number of series in the publication pipeline.


Sphingolipids: always providing new scientific puzzles to solve

Lipid News2011 ASBMB Avanti Young Investigator Award recipient Charles Chalfant talks research and mentoring.


The beauty of proteomics


It may be beautiful, but the April cover of Molecular and Cellular Proteomics is not just another pretty picture. The cover artwork, commissioned by MCP, is an oil painting by artist Julie Newdoll titled “The Worlds of Proteomics.”


Undergraduate education in the responsible conduct of research


Although teaching RCR to undergraduates is not a new activity, we should seize the opportunities created by granting agency mandates.

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