April 2011

ASBMB accreditation

Letters to the EditorStuart Linn of the University of California, Berkeley comments on the February 2011 article by Kennelly and Bell on accreditation.


ASBMB Member Update

Member SpotlightASBMB members in the news this month include Judith S. Bond, David Craik, Carol V. Robinson, Bonnie L. Bassler, Stephen J. Benkovic, James M. Berger and Carol A. Gross.


ASBMB members meet with NIH leadership

News from the HillBY GEOFFREY HUNT

PAAC suggests revisions to maintain the long-term health of scientific research.


Budget challenges in biomedical sciences

President's MessageBY SUZANNE PFEFFER

There has never been a more exciting time in biomedical research. Given all of the tools and information currently available, questions can be tackled in ways that simply were unthinkable in the not-too-distant past. Yet many researchers are more frustrated than ever and stymied in their ability to carry out exciting and important research.


History in the making


The Journal of Biological Chemistry announces new JBC Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Awards.


Q&A with incoming Scripps president Michael A. Marletta

Member SpotlightBY NICOLE KRESGE

Marletta talks about the challenges facing Scripps and its future directions.


Recent petition condemns NIH grant renewal policy

NIH NewsMore than 2,000 scientists back petition to raise awareness of the deveastating effects of a rule that specifies that if a grant proposal is not funded on the first submission, only one revision can be filed with the same specific aims.


Stretching NIH resources

NIH NewsRecently, on Sally Rockey’s Extramural Nexus blog, Daniel J. Noonan of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine commented on how to address current challenges in NIH funding.

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