March 2011

Arthur E. Johnson to give ASBMB-Lipmann Lectureship


Texas A&M professor recognized for methods used to elucidate the dynamics and functional mechanisms of complex molecular machines.


Biochemistry is not tennis

Letters to the EditorDonald R. Forsdyke comments on Suzanne Pfeffer's December article, "Tennis in Biochemistry."


Drug discovery: major challenges

President's MessageBY SUZANNE PFEFFER

Last year, in the United States, more than 1.5 million new cancer cases were identified, with lung, prostate and breast cancer at the top of the list.


Haven’t advocated? Now’s the time!

News from the HillBY BENJAMIN W. CORB

By getting involved, you can help shape the future of scientific funding.


Member Update

Member SpotlightASBMB members in the news this month include Carlos F. Barbas III, Peter M. J. Burgers, Leroy Hood, Stefan Jentsch, Stuart L. Schreiber, Stuart Kornfeld, James E. Rothman and Randy W. Schekman. We also look back on the life of James R. (Jim) Mattoon.


Once more unto the breach, dear friends

News from the HillBY GEOFFREY HUNT

What the budget forecast holds for scientists.

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