October 2010

Fostering a New Generation of Scientists

Education-iconBy CAROL BENDER 

In a special, online-only article, Carol Bender, director of the undergraduate biology research program and related programs at the University of Arizona, writes about a program that gives high school students the experience to make informed decisions about whether to pursue a STEM major in college. 


Introducing Students to Research

Education-iconBY PETER J. KENNELLY 

When welcoming students into a research laboratory for the first time, it is important that care is taken to demonstrate to students early on that, yes, they can do this, and steps are taken to build a foundation of self-confidence that will help them cope with the inevitable vicissitudes of authentic research. 


The First ASBMB Graduate Student Research and Career Symposium

Education-iconBY NICK ZAGORSKI 

This past August, ASBMB launched a series of regional graduate student research and career symposia with a one day event at Northwestern University Medical School.

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