October 2010

[JBC] Inflammatory Cooperation

Biobits-thumb---JBC1Proinflammatory Cytokines Enhance Estrogen-dependent Expression of the Multidrug Transporter Gene ABCG2 through Estrogen Receptor and NFκB Cooperativity at Adjacent Response Elements

Madhumita Pradhan, Leslie A. Bembinster, Sarah C. Baumgarten and Jonna Frasor

J. Biol. Chem., published online Aug. 12, 2010

[JBC] Proteolysis Protection of CFTR

Biobits-thumb---JBC2The Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Impedes Proteolytic Stimulation of the Epithelial Na+ Channel

Martina Gentzsch, Hong Dang, Yan Dang, Agustin Garcia-Caballero, Hamsa Suchindran, Richard C. Boucher and M. Jackson Stutts

J. Biol. Chem., published online Aug. 13, 2010

[JLR] Better Livers through CGI

Biobits---thumb---JLRCGI-58 Knockdown in Mice Causes Hepatic Steatosis, but Prevents Diet-induced Obesity and Glucose Intolerance

J. Mark Brown, Jenna L. Betters, Caleb Lord, Yinyan Ma, Xianlin Han, Kui Yang, Heather M. Alger, John Melchior, Janet Sawyer, Ramesh Shah, Martha D. Wilson, Xiuli Liu, Mark J. Graham, Richard Lee, Rosanne Crooke, Gerald I. Shulman, Bingzhong Xue, Hang Shi and Liqing Yu

J. Lipid Res., published online Aug. 27, 2010

A Career in Biomarker Discovery

Career-Insights-iconBY SHERI WILCOX  

Sheri Wilcox explains how her sister's illness led her to a research career finding protein signatures associated with disease. 


Fostering a New Generation of Scientists

Education-iconBy CAROL BENDER 

In a special, online-only article, Carol Bender, director of the undergraduate biology research program and related programs at the University of Arizona, writes about a program that gives high school students the experience to make informed decisions about whether to pursue a STEM major in college. 


Introducing Students to Research

Education-iconBY PETER J. KENNELLY 

When welcoming students into a research laboratory for the first time, it is important that care is taken to demonstrate to students early on that, yes, they can do this, and steps are taken to build a foundation of self-confidence that will help them cope with the inevitable vicissitudes of authentic research. 


MCP Explores Proteomics and Protein Interactions

Biobits-thumb---MCPBridging the Gap: At the Interface of Proteomics and Structural Biology


Mol. Cell. Proteomics, August 2010

Meeting Theme: Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery


The sessions in the "Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery" 2011 annual meeting theme will cover chemical methods to tackle complex problems in biology, advances in the application of peptides as drugs and biological probes, high-throughput methods used in drug discovery and the application of chemical perspectives to the study of disease states. 


Meeting Theme: Molecular Mechanisms, Treatment, and Disparities of Obesity


The "Molecular Mechanisms, Treatment, and Disparities of Obesity" annual meeting theme includes research on the biochemistry of addiction, insights into the treatment and prevention of obesity, and a look at the hormones and enzymes involved in obesity. 


Meeting Theme: RNA


At the 2011 annual meeting, the RNA thematic sessions will look at regulating bacterial gene expression, RNA editing and modification, RNA transport and localization and regulation by small RNAs. 


Phosphatidic Acid: From Biophysics to Physiology!


Although phosphatidic acid is one of the most important glycerophospholipids in biomembranes, very little was known about how it regulates proteins. Here, Edgar E. Kooijman explains some research that brings us closer to solving this problem.


Research Spotlight: Avery August

minority-affairs-iconIn a special online-only article, Avery August, professor and chairman of the immunology department at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, talks about his research and interests and shares some of the challenges he faced in his scientific development.


The First ASBMB Graduate Student Research and Career Symposium

Education-iconBY NICK ZAGORSKI 

This past August, ASBMB launched a series of regional graduate student research and career symposia with a one day event at Northwestern University Medical School.

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