October 2010

Science Focus: Mina J. Bissell

Science-Focus---thumbBY NICK ZAGORSKI 

A look at ASBMB member Mina J. Bissell and use of 3-D cell culture to look at the involvement of tissue architecture and microenvironment in the progression of cancer. 


The Interface between Cell and Molecular Biology and Animal Agriculture

Animal-Agriculture---thumbBY RUSSELL V. ANTHONY AND SCOTT L. PRATT 

When most people think about agriculture, cell and molecular biology are the last things that come to mind. However, these disciplines are constantly impacting animal agriculture, and livestock species often are valuable models for biomedical research.


The School at Columbia University’s Science Expo

Expo---thumbBY DANA PE’ER 

This past February, The School at Columbia University hosted a half day science expo, with the goal of making kids realize that science is all about inquiry, curiosity and exploration.   

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