October 2010

2010 ASBMB Ruth Kirschstein Award goes to Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann


Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann of the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado-Denver School of Medicine has been named the recipient of the inaugural ASBMB Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award.


ASBMB Disappointed By Stem Cell Decision

NFTH-iconAn ASBMB position statement on the Aug. 23, Washington, D.C. district court stem cell ruling.  


ASBMB Member Spotlight

spotlight-iconASBMB members in the spotlight this month include Bruce M. Alberts, William A. Catterall, John A. Gerlt, David Ginsburg, V. Craig Jordan, John A. Katzenellenbogen and Richard N. Sifers.


Charles E. Chalfant Wins ASBMB Avanti Young Investigator Award


The recipient of the 2010 ASBMB Avanti Young Investigator Award in Lipid Research is Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine associate professor Charles E. Chalfant. 


JBC Editor-in-Chief Calls for New Leadership Search

ASBMB-iconHerbert Tabor, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Biological Chemistry since 1971, has initiated a search for a new editor.


Job Dekker to Receive 2011 ASBMB Young Investigator Award


It recently was announced that Job Dekker of the University of Massachusetts Medical School has been awarded 2011 ASBMB Young Investigator Award.


Stem Cells: Back in the Spotlight


Stem cells are back in the spotlight after a Washington, D.C. district court issued a preliminary injunction halting the use of federal funding for research done using human embryonic stem cells.  


Time to Degree - Are Changes in Publishing to Blame?


Today, most doctoral students in biomedical sciences will not pursue a career as a research university faculty member. Instead, they are moving on to wonderful roles in biotech, teaching, science museums, consulting, law, advocacy, writing, policy and so on. Yet, our graduate-training programs seem to be stuck in a time warp, setting universal expectations commensurate with eventual faculty positions at top Ivy League institutions.

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