September 2010

A Job in Career Development

Career-Insights-iconBY LORI M. CONLAN 

Lori M. Conlan talks about path to her current job as director of postdoctoral services at the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education.


Gangliosides as Mediators


A look at the multitude of regulatory roles played by sialic acid bearing glycosphingolipids called gangliosides.


How YouTube Is Changing the Way Science Is Learned


With digital cameras, computers and smart phones in hand, science gurus are taking advantage of YouTube by posting videos that illustrate techniques as simple as casting an agarose gel to methods as complicated as antibody purification. 


Making Undergraduate Science Education a Priority at ASBMB

Education-iconBY NEENA GROVER 

In addition to promoting graduate and postdoctoral education, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has made it a priority to foster undergraduate science education in a number of ways.   


Meeting Theme: Education and Professional Development


The "Education and Professional Development" annual meeting theme will cover dealing with frustrations at the bench, classroom management skills, mentoring students in the laboratory and the art of collaboration. There also will be a workshop on Process-oriented Guided Inquiry Learning.


Racial Demographics and Education Trends

minority-affairs-iconBY REGINA STEVENS TRUSS 

The National Center for Educational Statistics recently published a report titled “Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups,” which is a must read for anyone interested in the state of education.  It highlights some positive trends and some challenges that still exist, and looks at the demographic changes in the U.S. 


What’s New with the EPD?

Education-iconBY PETER J. KENNELLY 

Peter J. Kennelly, the new chairman of  the Education and Professional Development Committee, gives an overview of the committee's goals and introduces three new committee members.   

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