December 2013

‘A good ambassador’

Hudson Freeze, a recipient of the 2013 Golden Goose award for his discovery of a special bacterium and a world expert in glycosylation disorders, is said to go “beyond just science.”


Meet Eric Fearon

In January 2013, Eric Fearon at the University of Michigan Medical School joined the ranks of the associate editors at The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Fearon has a longstanding interest in the molecular mechanisms underlying colorectal cancer progression.


Meet Henrik Dohlman

Henrik Dohlman, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, recently became an associate editor for The Journal of Biological Chemistry. This is a partial transcript of a podcast in which John Kyriakis, a longtime associate editor of the JBC, interviewed Dohlman about his research, his role at the journal and his predictions for the field of biochemistry.

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