November 2013

Career alternatives, not alternative careers

In this month’s President’s Message, Jeremy Berg writes, in part: “The topic of alternative careers comes up frequently these days in the context of training programs. The term ‘alternative careers’ tends to have a pejorative connotation that many, including me, feel is unjustified.”


Keep an eye out for these legislative measures

While the government shutdown concentrated on the budget and debt ceiling, many bills remained stalled in the legislative pipeline. Here are a few pieces of legislation that may help or hinder scientific progress.


Ronald Winfield Estabrook (1926—2013)

Ronald “Ron” Winfield Estabrook, a world-renowned biochemist with a special knowledge of enzymatic reactions related to toxicology and steroid hormone biosynthesis, died in August at age 87. An expert in the field of cytochrome P450 biochemistry and biophysics, Estabrook helped transform the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, as it was called in his day, into a powerhouse.


Two more Tabor young investigator award winners

Ursula Loizides-Mangold received a Journal of Biological Chemistry/Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award for her work on lipid metabolism, and Vivien Jane Coulson-Thomas won one for her work on the use of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in treating corneal disease.


Member update

Three American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology members won the 2013 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in October for their work in vesicle trafficking, another member won an NIH MERIT award in recognition of her research contributions throughout her career, and another member, a faculty member at Vanderbilt University, passed away.

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