July 2010

[ASBMB] Did You Know?

Biobits---President---thumbSince its founding in 1906, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has had 82 presidents.

For more information about ASBMB presidents, go to the ASBMB history site.

[JBC] Nab-bing onto Gfd1

Biobits---JBC---thumbStructural Basis for the Function of the Sacchromyces cerevisiae Gfd1 Protein in mRNA Nuclear Export

Chao Zheng, Milo B. Fasken, Neil J. Marshall, Christoph Brockmann, Max E. Rubinson, Susan R. Wente, Anita H. Corbett and Murray Stewart

J. Biol. Chem. published online May 12, 2010

[JLR] Good Cholesterol, Good Lungs

Biobits---JLR---thumbGenetic Deletion of Apolipoprotein A-I Increases Airway Hyperresponsiveness, Inflammation and Collagen Deposition in the Lung

Weiling Wang, Hao Xu, Yang Shi, Sandhya Nandedkar, Hao Zhang, Haiqing Gao, Thom Feroah, Dorothee Weihrauch, Marie L. Schulte, Deron W. Jones, Jason Jarzembowski, Mary Sorci-Thomas and Kirkwood A. Pritchard, Jr.

J. Lipid Res. published online May 24, 2010

[MCP] Biomarker Pipeline for Ovarian Cancer

Biobits---MCP---thumbUse of a Single Chain Antibody Library for Ovarian Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Arturo B. Ramirez, Christian M. Loch, Yuzheng Zhang, Yan Liu, Xiaohong Wang, Elizabeth A. Wayner, Jonathon E. Sargent, Sahar Sibani, Eugenie Hainsworth, Eliseo A Mendoza, Ralph Eugene, Joshua LaBaer, Nicole D. Urban, Martin W. McIntosh and Paul D. Lampe

Mol. Cell. Proteomics, published online May 13, 2010
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