February 2010

[MCP] Cluster Analysis

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In silico pathway mapping of the targeted analyte clusters.

The search for biomarkers that can help diagnose psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia at very early stages has been going on for a long time. Most biomarker efforts have focused on identifying individual proteins that show significant expression differences between individuals with the disorder and the normal population. However, in this study, the authors searched for combinations of analytes that exhibited patterned changes in schizophrenia. They profiled 77 male schizophrenia patients and 66 matched controls and identified four sets of analytes, known as targeted clusters, which could discriminate schizophrenia in both human and rat models. These clusters were associated with specific molecular signaling pathways (insulin, cortisol, leptin and growth hormone signaling) and also were highly specific to disease. This study sheds new light into how complex psychiatric diseases behave at the molecular level and also holds great therapeutic promise, as it could aid in identifying disease-­specific biomarkers.

Identification of Targeted Analyte Clusters for Studies of Schizophrenia

Tammy M. K. Cheng, Yu-En Lu, Paul C. Guest, Hassan Rahmoune, Laura W. Harris, Lan Wang, Dan Ma, Victoria Stelzhammer, Yagnesh Umrania, Matt T. Wayland, Pietro Lió and Sabine Bahn

Mol. Cell. Proteomics, published online Dec. 10, 2009 


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