October 2010

Research Spotlight: Avery August

ASBMB: Do you have any heroes, heroines, or role models? If so, describe how they have influenced you?
August: My heroine is my mother, who made great sacrifices to make it possible for her children to get a chance at being successful.  I have been influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela and my post-doc advisor Hidesaburo Hanafusa.

ASBMB: What is it that keeps you working hard and studying science every day?
August: The satisfaction of seeing members of my lab make exciting discoveries, seen for the first time, and sharing that with them keeps me working.  The satisfaction of seeing students come in not knowing how to use a pipette and leave brimming with excitement about a future in science makes it all worth it.

Visit Avery August's webpage at Cornell.


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  • i admire him and i love his work

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