August 2010

Member Spotlight

For our industry issue, ASBMB Today asked three of its members who work in industry— Weiping JiangMatthew Olson and Anthony S. Serianni— to answer questions about themselves and their research


Spotlight---JiangWeiping Jiang 

Director, R&D Systems 

How long have you been an ASBMB member?
I’ve been a member since 1992.

What do you study?
I study enzymes for the development of products, including proteins, antibodies and assay kits.

Why did you go into industry?
To generate new research tools to advance our understanding of health and disease.

How do you feel ASBMB could best help scientists in industry?
The society could foster more interactions among the scientists in industry as well as between scientists from both industry and academia.

Where do you see research in industry going in five to 10 years?
I think there will be a focus on increased sensitivity and specificity of detection tools.

Has the downturn in the economy affected your job or your company?

Do you think your academic training prepared you for working in industry?

How do you think research in academia differs most from research in industry?
Research in academia is hypothesis-driven. Research in industry is utility-driven.

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