July 2010

Letter in Praise of Gregory Petsko

Thoru Pederson of the University of Massachusetts Medical School praises ASBMB President Gregory Petsko's farewell message as well as his columns in general. (Titled "The President’s Farewell" in print version.)


Pres-MesDear Editor,

Our outgoing (in both senses) president penned a lovely farewell in the June issue of ASBMB Today.  He was as engaged and creative as any ASBMB leader in recent years.  I wish to add my view that his monthly columns were “sui generis.”  They were so, and not only because he writes beautifully.  They had more traction because of the sweep of his attentiveness to major issues and a willingness to think outside the box. Greg’s columns were not focused narrowly on our shop, thus their value.  He looked beyond the guild, and we are fortunate that he did so, with such eloquence.  His monthly columns have given these pages, and his audience, an enormous intellectual lift. 

Thoru Pederson
University of Massachusetts Medical School



I fear Thoru gives me far more credit than I deserve.  If my columns had the wit and eloquence that he exhibits in his letter, they might be worthy of his praise.  But it’s incredibly gratifying that someone of his stature and style enjoyed my little efforts.  This made my day— and probably, my month.  

Gregory A. Petsko

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