June 2010

Thematic Poster Competition

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2010 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology best thematic poster competition.

You can view these and other posters here.

DNA Transactions

Mack Hall, III
Meharry Medical College

Yiyong LiuThematic-Poster-1
HHMI, Duke Medical Center

Chromatin and Transcription

Juraj Adamik
Duquesne University

Brittany Albaugh
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Lauren Congdon
USC - Keck School of Medicine

Payel SenThematic-Poster-2
Southern Illinois School of Medicine

Biological Chemistry of RNA

Nazmul Haque
Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Rebecca Toroney
Pennsylvania State University

Protein Synthesis, Catalysis and Turnover

Janine Borgaro
Stony Brook University
Yvette Pittman
National Institutes of Health

Lipid Interactions in Physiology and Disease

Catherine Dieck
North Carolina State University

Elaina Melton
Albany Medical College

Metabolism and Disease

Weiwei DangThematic-Poster-4
University of Pennsylvania

Ghislaine Guillemain

Hypertension: Treatment, Disparities and Molecular Mechanisms

Russell Snyder

Rama Soundararajan
University of California, San Francisco

Genomics and Quantitative ProteomicsThematic-Poster-7

University of California, Los Angeles

Ekaterina Posokhova
University of Minnesota

Ilchung Shin
Iowa State University

Seshamalini Srinivasan
Walter Reed Army Institute

Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology and Signal TransductionThematic-Poster-6

Katherine O'Shaughnessy
Capital University

Matthew Torres
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

Tejal Naik
University of Delaware

Florentine Rutaganira
University of California, Davis

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