April 2010

The Online Science Comic Universe

PHD Comics is not alone in the online science comic universe; listed below are three other strips that have a scientific bent to their humor. 


Lab Bratz  

This progressive story comic, written by Ed Dunphy and drawn by Max Velati, also centers on the lighter side of academic science as seen through the misadventures of the biology labs of Drs. Chang and Ruby.



Created by Randall Munroe and known for its minimalist stick-figure art as much as its dry wit, xkcd deals with romance, sarcasm, math and language. (Note: this comic is not for the faint of heart – it occasionally contains adult language and advanced math.)


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal  

SMBCThis comic, developed and drawn by Zach Weiner, features humorous one-off strips that poke fun at a variety of topics, including religion, dating, superheroes and of course, science.

Do you have a favorite science comic you'd like to see in the online version of ASBMB Today? Tell us about it below.

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