April 2010

Back by Popular Demand: The Annual Meeting Compendia


2010 ASBMB Annual Meeting Compendia and Coordinating Editors


Protein Synthesis
Terri Goss Kinzy, protein synthesis, catalysis and turnover theme organizer

Building Protein Complexes
Michael Washburn, new frontiers in genomics and quantitative proteomics theme organizer

Nutrient Sensing and Signaling
Gerald Hart, metabolism and disease theme organizer

Drug Discovery and Design 
Adrian Whitty and Peter Tonge, chemical biology & drug discovery theme organizers

Initiating DNA Replication and Transcription 
Joseph Reese, chromatin and transcription theme organizer

Genomes, Proteomes, and Development 
David Arnosti, new frontiers in genomics and quantitative proteomics theme organizer

Lipids: On the Move
Mary Roberts, lipid interactions in physiology and disease theme organizer

The 2010 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting in Anaheim, Calif., is coming up soon, and, as everyone makes his or her final preparations, ASBMB is offering up a taste of things to come with its 2010 annual meeting compendia.

In keeping with the tradition of these scientific collections, which started with a single compendium on RNA-mediated regulation and noncoding RNA at the 2008 meeting in San Diego, the 2010 compendia highlight recent exciting research in ASBMB journals that relates to the scientific themes covered at the meeting.

This year, ASBMB has compiled seven compendia, each containing 10–15 interesting and informative articles published within the past two years. The articles coincide with select symposia and reflect the research topics that will be discussed in the presentations. The septet offered this year covers a wide range of fields, from traditional biochemical areas like DNA replication, transcription and translation to emerging, technology-driven areas like genomics, quantitative proteomics and drug discovery. The choice of included articles was coordinated with the help of the 2010 annual meeting theme organizers.

This year’s compendia also will offer a new element. In addition to showcasing notable Journal of Biological Chemistry papers, such as Papers of the Week, Reports and Faculty of 1000 selections, some compendia will feature high-impact articles from ASBMB’s other two journals: the Journal of Lipid Research and Molecular and Cellular Proteomics.

By including all three publications, the 2010 compendia showcase the diverse breadth of research represented by ASBMB members, ASBMB journals and the ASBMB annual meeting.

CompendiaThese meeting compendia offer an excellent primer to the scientific themes at this year’s meeting, and we encourage everyone to take a look at them. Hard copies of the compendia will be available at the annual meeting for your reading pleasure, so keep your eyes open.

If you don’t get your hands on one, don’t worry; the compendia also will be available online for free this month on the JBC Thematic Collections page, where they are also available for print on demand. You can also view last year's annual meeting compendia here.

Nick Zagorski (nzagorski@asbmb.org) is a science writer at ASBMB.

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