April 2010

ASBMB Journal Innovations


Journal-Innovations(2)This winter, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s Journal of Lipid Research and Molecular and Cellular Proteomics both received new homepages, and several new features appeared on their Web sites. The Journal of Biological Chemistry’s Web site underwent major changes in the fall and continues to evolve.

JLR Adds Collections

In the JLR, you can find new collection pages, such as Thematic ReviewsMethods PapersCommentaries and Patient-oriented Papers. The journal’s past series, such as the 50th Anniversary Compendium, and ongoing thematic series also have a new home at www.JLR.org/collections. You also can see the JLR-sponsored lectures from 2009 and upcoming lectures for 2010 at www.jlr.org/home/about. The journal will undergo updates at the article level later this spring. For a sneak peek at the changes in store for the JLR Web site, see the latest changes to the MCP Web site below.

MCP Switches Platforms

MCP got more than just a facelift. In conjunction with its online-content host, HighWire, MCP has overhauled its Web site to improve navigation and the user experience.

Behind the scenes, we have updated the content encoding to XML, which allows for more nimble transitions between displays and meets international standards for accessibility.

The articles and table of contents pages offer several new features:
• Abstract preview: “Mouse-over” the table of contents and search results pages and get an instant pop-up preview of the article abstract – without leaving the page.
• Figure expansion: Figure and table thumbnails can be enlarged from within the article.
• Tag-along navigation: The navigation box follows alongside as the reader scrolls down the article page.
• Easier scanning and reading: Better positioning of the title and abstract, improved fonts and formatting plus quick previous/next links to scan by article section make it easy to cover an article quickly.
• Reference preview: Hover over a numbered reference in the full text of an article and get a quick look at the cited author and publication date.

Readers also will find it easier to access MCP’s special collections, such as ReviewsHUPO Views and Special Issues, which are now linked from the top of all pages in the Web site.

MCP became an online-only journal in January 2010. Issues and articles are available as print-on-demand packages. MCP’s online-only format has opened up a new era for the journal’s cover. Currently, the journal has an animated cover image. In the future, the options may expand to include interactive graphics.

JBC Changes TOC and More

JBCThe JBC’s new table of contents categories are now live. You can learn more about these changes in the article “JBC: A Call for Papers and a Modest Course Adjustment” in the January issue of ASBMB Today. The new sections are listed here.

In response to the increasing interdisciplinary nature of research, authors also can select more than one section heading for an article. If you’d like to keep up with your favorite topic, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of the new JBC sections through the JBC site or through Amazon for the Kindle. (Search the Kindle store for “JBC.”)

Finally, the JBC now allows authors to use non-Latin characters for their names in article PDFs. (See an example here.) Only characters that can be encoded in Unicode, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic, are acceptable. At this time, these characters are not displayed in the HTML version of the article.

Sarah Crespi (screspi@asbmb.org) is a multimedia communications specialist at ASBMB.

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