April 2010

A Graduate Student Experience, In Four Panels

Cham’s general belief is that procrastination is neither good nor evil; although, he certainly does not advocate that students procrastinate. “The message I try to convey is that there’s nothing that you should feel you have to do in terms of your progress, like, I have to spend so many hours a week in lab or get these results by the next lab meeting. Because, the truth is, discovery cannot be forced.”

That truism can apply to both research findings and personal discovery, as it did for Cham. Although he has been an avid reader and collector of comic books his whole life, and he dabbled in sketching growing up, Cham never imagined a career as a cartoonist: Becoming an engineer, in fact, was his childhood dream.

Although Cham has been out of academia for a few years now— the growing success of PHD Comics, combined with increased travel due to his speaking engagements, eventually led Cham to forgo his research career, though with no regrets— fans have no reason to worry; not only does he still have plenty of his own personal graduate school experiences to draw from, but stories told on his Web site’s forum page or by attendees at his lectures give him a continual supply of fresh ideas. And, Cham promises to keep going until he can’t go anymore.

For the countless PHD Comics fans who can relate to the misadventures of these overworked and underpaid students, that’s joyous news, even if each new comic gives them a way to procrastinate.


Nick Zagorski (nzagorski@asbmb.org) is a science writer at ASBMB.



Comic Contest

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Cecilia: Filing my job rejection letters. Tajel: Ugh, they didn't even retype this one. submitted by Alberto Roca, www.MinorityPostdoc.org


Cecilia: Applying for a post-doc posii. Other: This one's in Antarctica! Ezio Moscatelli


Cecilia: I am going to ASBMB annual meeting to present a poster where I am the fourth author..so need to read all these articles! other: seriously!!! I thought grad students go to the meetings for free food, free stuff and sight seeing!! -Debjani


For the third panel: Ceclila: "I decided to print all the PDFs on my laptop." Other: "It's like Y2K all over again."


For the Comic Contest I'd say that the Caption for the third box in the stacks of paper comic strip the words should be: "My PI made me do it!" "Oh my!" Megan



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