February 2010

ASBMB Looks to Grow Special Symposia


In the coming year, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology plans to continue to expand its special symposia program, which offers scientists at all career levels the opportunity to attend a specialized meeting on a cutting-edge topic in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Do you have a topic you would like to see become part of the special symposia program? To share your topics with us, please send an e-mail titled “Special Symposia Topics” to meetings@asbmb.org.

Special symposia meetings are usually held in the fall and have an average of 100 attendees, including investigators, industry professionals and graduate and postdoctoral students. One of the primary goals for the special symposia is to provide younger scientists, women and people from under-represented groups the opportunity to actively participant in the meeting. To facilitate this, each meeting organizer incorporates oral and poster presentations from abstracts submitted by scientists at various stages in their careers.

To complement the programming, each meeting is set in a unique location, usually with easy access to nature. These locations are intended to provide intimate settings for networking, including receptions and outdoor recreational activities.

Meeting proposals for the 2011 Special Symposia are being accepted through March 1. To learn more about the ASBMB special symposia, please visit www.asbmb.org/specialsymposia.

Jlynn J. Frazier (jfrazier@asbmb.org) is conference manager at ASBMB.

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