February 2010

Aebersold Receives Sober Lectureship

These comparative protein profiles will lead to a more robust understanding of the biochemical processes that regulate cell physiology and also could lead to new prognostic and/or diagnostic biomarkers for disease.

Aebersold, who is also an associate editor for Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, has received numerous awards for his work, including the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Biemann Medal, the Pehr Edman Award, the Michael Widmer Award, the World Technology Network Award for Biotechnology, the Genome Technology Award in Proteomics and the Human Proteome Organization achievement award.

“He has inspired a whole generation of young scientists at the University of Washington, the Institute for Systems Biology and the ETH-Zurich, as well as indirectly through his publications and his active engagement in many leading professional organizations,” said Gilbert S. Omenn, professor of internal medicine, human genetics and public health at the University of Michigan Medical School and vice president of HUPO.

Angela Hopp (ahopp@asbmb.org) is managing editor for special projects at ASBMB. Nick Zagorski (nzagorski@asbmb.org) is a science writer at ASBMB.


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