October 2013

Your guide to the ASBMB 2014 annual meeting

Dear Fellow Scientists and Educators,

We would like to warmly welcome you to attend the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from April 26 to April 30 in San Diego.

The annual meeting provides an outstanding opportunity for researchers and educators at all stages of their careers to hear from leaders in their respective fields, to explore diverse biological questions and to participate in stimulating discussions about a variety of career paths.

Cover of the 2014 ASBMB Annual Meeting booklet 
Download a PDF of the complete annual meeting guide. 

The 2014 annual meeting will feature 12 broad themes, each composed of symposia that cover various aspects of a research area or issue.

In addition to the latest exciting discoveries in established fields, the 2014 meeting will feature themes in emerging fields, including mitochondrial dynamics, in which recent discoveries dramatically have changed perceptions of the biological role of this organelle. The ASBMB meeting also will offer a special session on online education and the rise of massive open online courses, or MOOCs.

Short platform presentations will be chosen from the poster abstracts, and there will be poster competitions with cash awards for each scientific theme.

Competitive travel awards are available for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and we encourage eligible participants to take advantage of those generous awards.

We have attended several ASBMB annual meetings and found them to be uniquely rewarding in terms of learning about new areas of biology, forging new collaborations and sharing our latest research with a broad audience. If you are able to attend only one meeting in 2014, we strongly encourage you to make the ASBMB annual meeting, held in conjunction with Experimental Biology 2014, your must-attend meeting.

In the following pages, you will find synopses of the annual meeting themes, giving you a preview of the exciting science you will hear about next year.
Please submit your abstract today and plan on presenting your most exciting work at this meeting!


Enrique M. De La Cruz Geeta Narlikar 
Enrique M. De La Cruz and Geeta Narlikar
Co-chairs, ASBMB 2014 Annual Meeting


Reasons to submit an abstract to the ASBMB 2014 annual meeting  DNA Replication, Recombination and Repair:
The three R’s of genome stability
San Diego Attractions:
What’s not to love about San Diego?
RNA Processing and Transcription:
How organisms extract meaning from their genomes
Social Media:
We welcome social media gurus and newbies!
Protein Synthesis, Folding, Localization and Quality Control:
High-performance proteins are not born; they are made
ASBMB Award and Plenary Lecturers:
Prepare to be inspired
Post-Translational Protein Regulation and Modification:
Lost in (post)translation: protein modification throughout lifetimes and across kingdoms
21st-Century Approaches to Teaching and Communicating BMB:
Mapping your future and learning new ways to get there
Frontiers in glycobiology
Public Policy: Discussing the sustainable research enterprise -Omics, Systems Biology and Their Translational Applications:
Integrating the bioscience data tsunami: probing the -omic frontiers
Undergraduate Programming:
Start Trek: The next generation of scientists
Membrane Biology:
Into and through the membrane
Registration and Special Events:
Make the most out of your meeting experience
Emerging Roles of Mitochondria in Cell Signaling, Physiology and Disease:
The rise of the mitochondria: the new shape of power!
  Enzyme Mechanisms and Chemical Biology:
Providing the missing link between genomics and proteomics and the tools to reveal novel chemistry and cellular function
  Signal Transduction:
New frontiers in cell signaling
  The Science of Addiction:
The emerging idea that addiction is a disease
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