August 2013

Unearthing hidden gems in the ASBMB archives

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John J. Abel
The first Source Files post features John J. Abel of Johns Hopkins University, who founded The Journal of Biological Chemistry in 1905 with Christian Herter. The next year, he founded ASBMB (then known as the American Society of Biological Chemists). Abel served as the society’s second president in 1908.

Discovery: It’s what you’re about. But ferreting out the prized, charming and peculiar pieces of your field’s history isn’t exactly something you have a ton of time to do, which is why we decided to do it for you in a new website called Source Files. There, you’ll find figures and photos from our archives that struck our fancy. Sometimes serious, sometimes not, these brief posts are meant to make more discoverable the stories our journals and society have told over the decades. Visit Source Files at Send suggestions to

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