September 2012

ASBMB Today Essay Series: Derailed But Undeterred

ASBMB Today is seeking personal essays for a special series called “Derailed but Undeterred.” The series will speak to the resilience required for success in science. We hope these first-person essays will impart emotion and insight into how scientists endured — or are still enduring — trials and tribulations, both uncommon and widespread.

Share with our readers how you navigated unexpected life events and scientific setbacks that threatened your professional and personal goals. Your story can be humorous, serious or something in between, but it must be, above all, true and personal. We welcome submissions from scientists and students at all stages.

Guidelines: Essays must be unpublished, between 300 and 1,000 words and emailed to by March 31, 2013. Please send your manuscript with a brief cover letter, including the title of your submission, complete contact information and an author bio of no more than 100 words. 

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  • i want to thank you for giving people an oppurtunity to express themselves on how they feel and have experienced something that turned their life around to something good or worse and that can help somebody who is gonna read their essay. but i want to know if this essay is open to anyone around the world.

    thank you

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