September 2012

Sidebar: Evaluating the 2011 HOPES projects

The most significant changes (Fig. 2) were obtained for the following questions:

  • • Question 3: What is blood pressure?
  • • Question 7: After you exercise for five minutes, your breathing [respiration] rate should go _____ .
  • • Question 8: After you exercise for five minutes, your blood pressure should go _____.

Figure 2 
Figure 2

No. 4: dissemination and long-term plans
The project by Dorothy Belle Poli of Roanoke College (Salem, Va.) in partnership with Amy Chattin and Ashly Dowdy of Franklin County High School (Rocky Mount, Va.), titled “Bryological respiration and photosynthetic comparisons: a case to connect Virginia high-school students to active research,” affected more than 100 high-school students of various grades. The students worked on a real research problem alongside scientists at Roanoke College. The organizers reported:

“Originally this project was only targeting 30 mixed-level students, because of costs. However, once the materials were prepared, several additional teachers were excited to try out the laboratories and iBook materials, and the school gave additional funds to the experiments. Even an ecology teacher used the bryophyte systems to show how respiration and photosynthesis was impacted using current drink choices (i.e., soda pop) on the plants. Therefore, over 100 students of varying levels (grades 9–12) and abilities (noncollege-bound to AP courses) were exposed to this project.”

Although the organizers’ initial goal of publishing the results of the project in a scholarly journal — and having students as co-authors — was not realized, the information was disseminated at a conference with very positive results. The organizers explained:

“The academic bryophyte community received the iBook with enthusiasm during the MOSS 2012 and 3rd International Symposium on Bryophyte Systematics joint meeting at the New York Botanical Garden in June 2012. This community of researchers and teachers has requested to use and contribute to this iBook to enrich the opportunities to educators of all levels. One researcher has already contacted Dr. Poli to add his reproduction videos to this interactive media product.”



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