September 2012

RNA biology: There’s nothing boring about it


How RNA Molecules Behave & Misbehave
Making & Using RNA in the Nucleus
RNA in the Cytoplasm: Translation & Degradation
Frontiers in RNA Biology

For more details, go to the ASBMB 2013 meeting program page and click to expand “RNA Function and Protein Synthesis.”

Our annual meeting theme, rather mundanely entitled “RNA Function and Protein Synthesis,” will include a wide range of exciting talks highlighting the diverse and remarkable roles of RNA in biology.

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that much of the genome is actively transcribed, and yet we still know little about what the many noncoding transcripts in the cell do and how they behave.

This theme covers the roles of RNAs in splicing, in translation, in regulating gene expression, and in bacterial and viral defense strategies. Some of the talks will be very biophysical in nature, discussing critical aspects of RNA structure and dynamics, while others will be more philosophical in nature, discussing protein evolution entwined with RNA regulation throughout the kingdoms of life.

Together, these talks will convince you that there is much to be discovered and that RNA biology, while now a vibrant field, has an even more vibrant future. Come join us in Boston for an exciting series of RNA sessions.


Photo of Rachel GreenPhoto of Dan HerschlagRachel Green ( is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dan Herschlag ( is a professor at Stanford University.

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