July 2012

Mom and iPOP



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You're right. I missed her name in the (long!) author list. We'll look into it. Thanks! Raj Mukhopadhyay


Phyllis Snyder is not a co-author in the paper, and I never claimed she was one. In the article, I mention that the mother and son pair appeared in the paper, which they do in the materials and methods and results sections. Thanks for reading! Raj Mukhopadhyay


Thank You for your reply, but are you certain in your confident assumption she is not a co-author? Please check the list of authors from the link to the article you yourself have provided - http://www.cell.com/retrieve/pii/S0092867412001663 There is a name "Phyllis Snyder" apparently from Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University - in the list right between Peter L. Greenberg and Teri E. Klein. You certainly haven't claimed she is a co-author. It's claimed by the Cell article you've profiled.



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