May 2012

Graduation gift ideas

Cafepress is a U.K.-based company that lets you browse a range of specialty clothes and accessories. The great thing is that if you don’t like anything, you can design your own! So if you have an idea for, say, a molecular-biology-themed mug, give it a go and make one for your grad. If you have no ideas, check out the DNA electrophoresis gel-inspired T-shirt.

We all know that getting education requires a lot of reading; some people enjoy this, while others grow to loathe it. Forget about the latter and embrace the former by giving someone you know Amazon’s Kindle Touch. Your grad can read science books or even recently published papers, and when he or she is sick of science, there are plenty more relaxing novels from which to choose.

Scientific American has been publishing its amazing take on science for decades now. Full of news, features, analysis and commentary on all the latest happenings in science, a Scientific American subscription will not fail to please any recent graduate in the biological sciences. Pick an online or print version.

As you know, there is a growing body of people with smartphones and tablet computers. This is especially true for recent graduates, and it is becoming more common for universities and institutions to develop tools targeted at these smartphone-wielding young graduates. So help your graduate get on the bandwagon and give an iTunes store voucher to download any one of the incredible educational and entertaining applications.

NIH_bamfordConnor Bamford ( is a Ph.D student at Queen’s University in Belfast, U.K.



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