April 2012

Poetry judges' biographies

Ralph A. Bradshaw

poetry_Ralph_BradshawRalph A. Bradshaw is co-editor of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics and professor of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco. He has served as ASBMB’s librarian and co-authored the ASBMB history book, “100 years of the Chemistry of Life,” published in 2009.

Ken Neet

poetry_Ken_NeetThere once was a lad named Ken Neet,
Who came from the old town St. Pete.
Became a Gator1,
And three degrees2 later,
His schooling was then complete.

At Case3 studied nerve
growth factor with verve.
Then to RF4 followed her.
Joined JBC5.
Became AE6.

There now is an old chemist Ken
Who read and judged what poets pen.
As his doggerel
                                                       May just jog-a-cell.
                                                       Then, from Ken, an Anacin.
1U of Fla
2(BS, MS, PhD)
4Rosalind Franklin Univ
5Journal of Biological Chemistry
6Associate Editor

John Exton

poetry_John_ExtonI am a professor of molecular physiology and biophysics at Vanderbilt University Medical School. If that seems serious, it is not! This is because I spend a lot of my time making jokes and writing funny poems. I was selected to the National Academy of Sciences -- not because of my scientific expertise, but because they wanted some relief from their boredom.

Erin Salb

poetry_Erin_SalbAs the Web editor for ASBMB Today and coordinator for Minireviews and Reflections for the Journal of Biological Chemistry, I am constantly immersed in words, admittedly many that I do not understand. I have always found words to be an extremely powerful tool, which is probably how I found my way into a creative writing program for my bachelor’s degree and followed that up with a master’s degree in liberal arts. My life is brimming with words, whether they are on the walls of my home, pinned to a board in my office or worn as accessories. It also goes without saying that my career choice embodies my love of words as well. While the realm science has always terrified rather than captivated me, I must confess that it has been quite enlightening to work for a scientific society where words evolve into discoveries, knowledge and hope.

Geoff Hunt

poetry_Geoff_HuntRaised at the beach
Ivy college and Ph.D.
Now in the Beltway

Studied biochem
And mol bio, but for naught
Had to escape lab

Always liked to teach,
Write and explain for those who
Science equals bore

Former scientist
Does public outreach and still
A rapper’s delight


Michael A. Moreno

poetry_Michael_MorenoMichael A. Moreno teaches writing at American University in Washington, D.C. He is a native Texan and has worked in agribusiness, banking, and information technology. His poems have appeared in Arkansas Review, Tidal Basin Reveiw, REAL: Regarding Arts & Letters and are forthcoming in Bay Leaves. His short stories are forthcoming in PALABRA.

Elise Levine

poetry_elise_levineElise Levine is the author of a story collection and a novel. Her poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction also have appeared in numerous publications, including The National Post, The Toronto Star, Hotel Amerika, Prairie Schooner and Best Canadian Stories. A recipient of a Canadian National Magazine Award for fiction, she also has received awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. She currently teaches in the M.F.A. in creative writing program and the department of literature at American University in Washington.

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