April 2012


Honorable Mention


        How brightly do cells glow
                In a dark field?
     Winking back at the objective
     What shapes do proteins take
           In a CHARMMed sea?
Folding back that which was unknown
           When do signals fire
             In salty streams?
     Shouting out all their potential
        Where does a Drifter go
             In fledgling flight?
 Expressing what moves us forward
       Why do these codes unfurl
            In charged currents? 
   Spilling secrets to those who ask
Who devours these whispered words
            With swelling thirst?
    Living life through understanding



poetry_hechtKaren Hecht works at the interface between protein quality control and lipid metabolism in yeast. Her thesis work, at the University of Pittsburgh, began at the endoplasmic reticulum and has extended all the way to the cell wall. She looks forward to furthering her reach upon graduation.

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