April 2012

Ode to the Lab

Third Place


            O laboratory! How sublime is your splendor!
   Microscopes, benches and gadgets garnish your space.
     The smell of the agar, the color of your solutions –
                     Oh how magnificent this place is!
     It is within these walls that I want my bed always to be.
        The mere mention of your name evokes happiness,
         For it is within these walls that great things occur.
Your inhabitants have sworn to advance humanity’s greatness.
                     It is here that great minds concur. 
                  Days, months or years; time matters not.
                  I can spend my life enjoying these blots.
           O Morpheus, never wake me up from this dream!
         Because here is where I want my bed always to be.
                Rejoice if it’s wrong, celebrate if it’s right –
        The thrill of experiment, the researcher and its might.
                      Ideas bend, change and collide. 
            My only desire is to have my bench to bedside.

poetry_Ayala_FigueroaJesus Manuel Ayala Figueroa is a Ph.D. student studying develompmental biology at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. He has been a member of ASBMB for a year now. He is also a McNair scholar at his institution which has helped him develop his talents as an aspiring graduate student.


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