April 2012


Second Place


A hiccup of the cells
mantelpiece clock that needs no winding
perfused by gears and cogs and wires
that drive their stake into the earth.
A tumor formed from two
and borne by one.
Alien at first
an invader welcomed with snakelike tendrils
curling up and in and around
to deliver maternal blood.
The DNA aligns itself
and reveals political intentions.
A being never to be seen or heard or touched
will kill by its love
and mistaken creation.


poetry_ainslieCheryl Ainslie-Waldman is a Ph.D. student studying nutrition and cancer at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her primary research interest is lipid metabolism during chemoprevention, carcinogenesis and cancer progression. In addition to writing poetry about cancer immunology, she enjoys reading the works of Charles Dickens in her spare time.

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