April 2012

Science in stanzas

Congratulations to the prize winners and runners-up in the ASBMB Today poetry contest coinciding with the society’s annual meeting and the Experimental Biology 2012 conference to be held April 21–25 in San Diego. We look forward to showcasing the top poems at a public reading at 7 p.m. April 23 in the convention center 6A lobby on the upper level.  

First place: Lost in Translation, Andrew Brown 

Second place: Angiogenesis, Cheryl Ainslie-Waldman 

Third place: Ode to the Lab, Jesus Manuel Ayala Figueroa 

Honorable mention: Song of Sanger, Gail S. Begley 

Honorable mention: How ... Understanding, Karen Hecht 

Editor's choice: Consistent with this, cell extracts from the iba57Δ strain showed virtually no aconitase activity (Fig. 2A), Cristy Gelling 

Judges' biographies: Learn more about our judges here.

Editor's note: Read a note from our editor thanking everyone who made this contest possible.

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I loved all of these and am most appreciative of all the poets who entered the contest. I am going to send the poems to all my students/postdocs so they can think of sharing their own love of the lab, dancing, birthday celebrations, western blots that illuminate and more! many thanks, Kay Huebner



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