February 2012

Transcriptional Regulation: Chromatin and RNA Polymerase II


How does RNA polymerase II coordinate the synthesis of messenger RNA, resulting in proper cellular regulation and organismic development? The sessions will cover new findings in transcriptional initiation, elongation and termination and the role of RNA polymerase II, its C-terminal domain and the associated factors in this process. New findings on the roles of chromatin, their interacting proteins and post-translational modifications, their numerous transcriptional properties and their role in development also will be addressed. The plenary lecture will be presented by Ramin Shiekhattar, who will describe his work on the functions of long noncoding RNAs in transcriptional regulation, development and disease pathogenesis. This year’s meeting represents the 10th anniversary of this important and influential conference. 


/assets/0/366/418/428/2729/2730/2731/27a6fc0b-c723-4e3e-8a27-524f73b2ab18.jpg/assets/0/366/418/428/2729/2730/2731/d4f45364-3540-4ec4-9b12-c7ae8e39166f.jpgOct. 4 – 8

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort (Snowbird, Utah)
Early registration and abstract submission deadline:  Aug. 1
Platform lecture abstract deadline: March 1
Organizers: Raymond Trievel, University of Michigan, and Ali Shilatifard, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

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