February 2012

ASBMB publications: great value in modern times

In years past, scientific societies like the ASBMB offered journal subscriptions as a benefit of membership. This ensured a close link between readers of our journals and society activities. With the introduction of online journals, institutional subscriptions became freely available to our members, so there was less of an immediate, personal reason to maintain society membership. Since that change, the ASBMB has gone out of its way to be sure to provide value to its members.

There are many important reasons to belong to the ASBMB beyond discounted page charges for all of our publications. Being a member of a scientific society is an important way to support the discipline and practice of our field. The ASBMB exists to support the community of biochemists and molecular biologists by providing opportunities to present our science in ASBMB journals, exchange ideas by hosting outstanding scientific meetings, and support our field by vigorous advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. We support mentorship and educational programs, travel fellowships and special programs for under-represented minority scientists, and we educate the public through our outreach efforts. Thanks for your membership in the ASBMB. Together, we do make a difference!

Suzanne PfefferASBMB President Suzanne Pfeffer (pfeffer@stanford.edu) is a biochemistry professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine.


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