January 2012

Tailoring journal content online

"The collections could make people aware of material that they didn’t know to look for but that we were able to identify as being related to the subject they’re interested in,” Fedor said. “So I think it could very well put people in touch with salient information before they even know that they’re interested in it. And, in that way, it could build bridges across different focused areas within a group.” By presenting current research articles together with Minireviews, Classics and Reflections by leading scientists on similar subjects, affinity sites provide a rich context for understanding cutting-edge research.

Fedor emphasized that information consumers today expect content providers to customize information to their wants and needs, and she said the JBC consistently has been a leader in harnessing technology to satisfy those wants and needs.

“This is our experiment in tailoring scientific communication to the people who can best make use of the information,” Fedor said. “With the JBC being published only online starting in 2012, I think the affinity sites illustrate how we’ll be taking advantage of the opportunities now available to scientific communication since it has broken free from the conventional paper format.”

Angela Hopp (ahopp@asbmb.org) is editor of ASBMB Today.


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